Production of food products

In the Czech Republic, as it is in the entire European Union, the production of food products is one of the key sectors of the manufacturing industry. The importance of the food industry is primarily given by ensuring the population obtains nutrition through the production and sale of healthy and safe foods. Food and food business operators are inspected by the supervisory institutes, including the quality of the delivered production. From the standpoint of the number of enterprises, micro enterprises make up over 60 %, the largest share of revenues and added value, about 45 %, is taken by medium-sized enterprises. The highest share of revenues was attained by processing and preserving meat and the production of meat products, followed by the production of other food products. Almost one quarter of the added value of the section was created in the production of other food products that include a broader range of products but above all those that represent a higher stage of processing agrarian raw materials. Food production remains a significant employer in many regions. In 2016 the largest number of employees and the greatest number of units was attained by the production of bakery, confectionery and other flour products, which was primarily due to the need to deliver fresh bakery goods to the market network throughout the CR.

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