Action Plan for developing organic farming in the CR

The main strategic document in the area of developing organic production is the Czech Action Plan for Development of Organic Farming. Currently, the third Action Plan is in effect. It was approved by the government on 20 November 2015. Its main objective is to achieve 15 % of the total area of agricultural land in the CR to be included in organic agriculture. Other specific objectives are to achieve at least 20 % of the total acreage of arable land to be under organic agriculture, for organic food to attain a 3% share of the total consumption of food and beverages, to increase the share of Czech organic food to 60 % of the organic food market, to increase the average expenditure on organic food from the current CZK 200 to CZK 600 per capita per year, to increase the value of organic farms’ production by 15 % and to increase the income of organic farms from production with regard to subsidies.

Apart from the above-mentioned launch of the Registry of Organic Entrepreneurs, the activities implemented by the main Action Plan 2011–2015 included improvement of the sales of organic food at the regional level (in particular, thanks to the increase in direct sales of organic products from organic farms). Furthermore, a number of awareness-raising events for the public took place (September – the Organic Food Month, Biostyl trade fair, the “Czech Organic Food Shop of the Year” competition, etc.). A register of authorised plant protection products and fertilisers for organic farmers was also launched, and, last but not least, the market and sales of Czech organic milk has stabilised.

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