One of the possible ways to contribute to manufacturers’ competitiveness is the national quality brand KLASA. The KLASA brand is awarded by the Minister of Agriculture to food and agricultural products that have attained the highest quality. The rules for awarding the Klasa brand are primarily aimed at promoting products that demonstrate exceptional qualitative characteristics that increase the added value of a given product and guarantee its uniqueness in relation to the usual products available on the market. The mark is awarded for three years and ownership of it may be extended after that period. If a product’s quality deteriorates or the conditions of use are violated, it may also be taken away. During its existence, the mark has become not only a prestigious matter for its holders but, above all, it has gained the trust of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic who prefer products marked with the Klasa logo when shopping.

As of October 2017, the KLASA brand had been awarded to a total of 979 products from 220 manufacturers. Most often the following categories were represented: Milk and Dairy Products, Meat and Meat Products and Grain Mill and Bakery Products. The number of awarded products in recent years has stabilised and, given the amount of tradable items in the market network, this quantity is possible to be termed as reasonable.

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